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'WATCH DUTY' is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, that alerts you of nearby wildfires and firefighting efforts in real-time.

Fire fighting is a specialized skill that requires preparedness and training, but because of our remote locations, and under-staffing of qualified volunteers it behooves all to have an understanding  fire behavior and the basics of suppression.

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Any suppression effort requires that the conditions affecting fire behavior  be considered - weather, terrain, fuel loads, and humidity all play a role.


SAFETY FIRST! Being prepared means being safe.

This is the prime directive of all emergency responders.


The following description of fire suppression techniques are inherently dangerous.

Awareness of all hazards and conditions-

the "situational awareness" of all personnel on scene is required.

For any coordinated effort communication is key, 

teamwork, and clear thinking are necessary.

The following graphics are meant to explain techniques, do not attempt anything beyond basic suppression unless you are part of a trained team,

even then, your efforts will not be condoned by fire professionals.

Things get complicated when large areas of rough terrain are involved.

From 'Homestead Fire Prevention & Suppression'

By Larry Heald of Crooked Prairie Fire Crew- 1980.

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